Discover Your True Self

Many people feel there is something wrong with them.
They don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in their mind.
They've played their role so well that they don't know their true self anymore. 


Truly Living is a monthly gathering of people looking to live their most authentic lives. 
We create in a safe space and meet monthly in a Zoom Room to compare our notes about being human, and share our thoughts and our experiences.

Together, we practice exercises and we discuss them once a month on Clubhouse.


Each month, we cover one topic from the book "Through The Eyes Only"

to guide our discussions. An adventure story and guide to self-discovery,

this novel offers readers a simple and joyful way to live. 

The plot revolves around Alex, an executive in Silicon Valley who meets Gene, a free spirit who offers Alex pure love and awareness. After Gene guides Alex through the discovery of his damaging conditioning, the reader realizes an unexpected plot twist while uncovering the difference between their conditioned consciousness and inner self.  

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Gather with us. Your voice matters.



Discussion and Practices.

Last Saturday of every month at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (ET), 8 a.m Pacific time and 4 p.m. London time.


Talk and Listen.

Second Saturday of every month

at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (ET),

8 a.m Pacific time and 4 p.m. London time.


3rd Saturdays of every month, at 11am ET


February 26th, Session #1

Why are you alive?

What stories are we living and telling ourselves, and how do we find our personal truth?

In this gathering, we'll explore those questions using a Miroboard to use the power of the collective to debunk myths and false beliefs. 

March 26th, Session #2

Have you ever had a oneness experience?

What experiences have brought you closer to nature and to others?

Using a curiosity exercise, we'll discover how to nurture our sense of wonder and share our individual human experiences.

April 23rd, Session #3

How do you change your beliefs?

Everything we see and feel is based on our beliefs. Identify your beliefs and you’ll have the description of your reality.

Change your beliefs and your reality changes.

May 28th, Session #4

What are your true desires?

In this gathering, we'll discuss and practice how to separate our desires that want to please others from those coming from a deep and true part of my creativity and uniqueness.

JUNE 25th, Session #5

Who is the voice talking in your mind?

If you pay attention and get quiet, you will eventually hear two voices in your head. Living is about constantly choosing the voice to follow: your ego or your true self.

July 23rd, Session #6

Why are you afraid to die?

The only true freedom one has, comes from accepting that we will die, that our time is limited, and that we are insignificant. When you are living at peace with death, only then, you can truly live.


Our Host and Facilitators



Virginie Glaenzer

Host, Author of "Through the Eyes Only"

After moving to the US in 1999 from France with four suitcases and a head full of dreams, Virginie Glaenzer co-founded three tech starts-up and began her journey to immerse herself in conscious leadership training in various disciplines such as psychology, wisdom traditions, awareness and mindfulness practices.


Quantum Play Facilitator

Nat Couropmitree guides visionary leaders to liberate themselves from the exhausting and confining mindset that they can’t be who they naturally are and experience what is meaningful. His clients learn to overcome their conditional relationship with themselves so they can thrive, do the work they’re here to do and like themselves at the same time. Nat is a Quantum Play Facilitator and the creator of the Bold Aliveness Model. Beyond his life’s work, Nat enjoys traveling and dancing the Argentine Tango with his beloved wife, Olga.


The Letting Go Coach

Gail Mae is a Letting Go Coach, Destiny Coach, EFT Trainer, trained in Matrix Reimprinting, IFS and Grief Recovery. My mission is to help you find your freedom, joy and purpose.


To know that your life is important, your voice is important and that reaching your goals and living your purpose, not only will bring you joy but all those around you will be enriched.


You can’t help but make a positive difference in the world.


EFT Practictioner

As an Accredited and Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, workshop leader, personal Tapping trainer, Mitsuko Ito helps energetically sensitive people better manage their emotions so connecting to calm, peace, and joy becomes more effortless. She does this through offering a safe space to learn and utilize one of the most practical and elegant tools for transformation, Tapping.

The Tapping Circles are especially good for you if:

  • You just want to give Tapping a try with no expectations

  • You wish to try Tapping more consistently for rapid trajectory shifts

  • Having something on your schedule reminds you to Tap

  • You want to Tap in groups, because it's more fun


Practices and Insightful Articles to Help You Find and Express Your True Self